Fantastic Fest 2018 Winners Announced!

Another year, another Fantastic Fest has come and gone. With absolutely legendary screenings of Halloween and Suspiria, the community is buzzing. Understandably so. On top of these massive horror tentpoles a slew of promised titles were also shown off and that’s right, some have even landed some very well respected awards. We personally loved Cam and You Might Be The Killer over here at Ghastly Grinning, and have designated Between Worlds an absolute must watch. Find the official awards below and get excited that we have so much to look forward to!



Austin, TX - September 25th, 2018 - Fantastic Fest is pleased to announce this year's Fantastic Fest Award winners. It has been an outstanding year for Features and Shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult, but our esteemed team of jurors have done the nearly impossible and chosen the best films of the festival.

The audience awards are presented by accounting firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter (, who provided the certified tabulation of ballots this year and are the exclusive accounting sponsor of Fantastic Fest. 


Best Picture: DONNYBROOK directed by Tim Sutton

Frank Grillo and Jamie Bell are just two of the desperate men and women headed for “The Donnybrook” — a no-holds-barred bare-knuckle fight contest with a $100,000 prize — in this midwestern gothic journey into a heartland of darkness.

Best Director: Peter Strickland for IN FABRIC

Peter Strickland (THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY; BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO) returns to Fantastic Fest in full, flourishing style with IN FABRIC, a film that’s part surreal thriller, part giallo love letter, part fashion collage, and all hypnotic originality.


Best Picture/Director: HOLIDAY directed by Isabella Eklöf

The sun-drenched dream of the eponymous summer vacation has its dark side revealed in Isabella Eklöf’s powerful debut feature HOLIDAY, an unforgettable exploration of the fraught, brutal experience of young womanhood.

Special Mention for Sébastien Marnier for SCHOOL'S OUT 

In this dread-soaked cerebral thriller, a handsome young substitute teacher gets in over his head when taking on a class of gifted students after their former teacher’s dramatic in-class suicide.


Best Picture: TERRIFIED directed by Demián RugnaBest

Strange things are going on in a Buenos Aires neighborhood. Demián Rugna’s constantly surprising and truly spine-chilling horror film has one goal: to scare the shit out of everyone.

Director: Shinichiro Ueda for ONE CUT OF THE DEAD

A filmmaker sets out to shoot a zombie film in an abandoned factory, but something is lurking on the outside. Is it a zombie apocalypse or just another shoot gone wrong?

Special Mention to LUZ directed by Tilman Singer

Luz enters a police station at night to report an assault. As the interrogation progresses, it becomes clear a demonic entity wants to possess her in this audacious, psychotropic horror film shot on 16mm.


Best Picture: THE PASSAGE directed by Kitao SakuraiSpecial

Mention to EMOTION 93 directed by Oz Davidson

 SHORT FUSE Presented by Stage 13

Best Picture:

ACID (aka ACIDE) directed by Just Philippot 


Best Picture: SQUIRREL by Alex Kavutskiy


DARK BIDDINGS directed by Jensen Yancey

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