The Trailer Debut of HIGH LIFE and the Continued Rise of A24

The trailer for the much anticipated High Life has dropped and it’s as mesmerizing and illusive as we all thought it was going to be. Who wouldn’t think that, though, looking at this cast and director, hell, even the studio distributing it.

Juliette Binoche is a French supernova, starring in over fifty films, working with some of the most visionary directors of our era (Jean-Luc Godard, Krzysztof Kieslowski) and starring in films of heavy praise, accolades and renown, ranging from The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Chocolat. Alongside her is rising star Mia Goth, who has starred in a wide range of films and whether or not they’ve received critical acclaim, she’s always stood out above the rest. She’s also well versed in horror, already appearing in A Cure for Wellness, Marrowbone, and the remake of genre darling Suspiria. Rounding out our male leads are Andre Benjamin, better known as Andre 3000, from Atlanta funk hip-hop duo Outkast and the man who may never shake Twilight but will die trying, Robert Pattinson. In recent years, Pattinson has proven himself to be a cinematic chameleon, shifting and morphing to fit into any role expertly. Damsel and Good Times are unshakable stunning performances and it’s exciting to see him in this project.

Lastly, we have our director and writer. Claire Denis has worked with long time collaborator Jean-Pol Fargeau for High Life; in fact the two were the creative team behind Beau Travail which is often lauded as one of the greatest films of it’s generation and all time. It looks like Denis and Fargeau are well on aim to have another cinematic masterpiece on hand. High Life has a lot of story left to be told but what we do know is that Binoche plays a mad scientist of sorts, and the cast portray death row inmates “hurtling towards oblivion.” Check the trailer below for the psychosexual thriller below and then read on for some of A24’s most intriguing genre releases of late. Coming to theaters April 12th of this year.

All of the news attached to this trailer has us thrilled (and I mean, that trailer is stunning) but credit must be given where credit is due. A24 has proven itself to be a company that must be taken seriously and takes chances on bold, daring and original content that has mostly proven itself to be high quality entertainment that is thought provoking, inventive and their name attached to the project draws you in.

Let’s take a quick look at some other A24 films that have proven why we’re so excited to see more genre releases from the little studio that could.



This oft overlooked sci-fi piece saw Scarlett Johansson take a step back from the blockbuster movies she is known for and tackle a much more intimate performance. Jonathan Glazer’s abstract alien film is haunting and chilling, it’s a heavy piece that tackles issues like men’s objectification and expectations of women. It allowed Johannson to truly show off her acting chops and is a cold yet beautiful film that is still finding it’s audience today.


TUSK (2014)

Say what you want about the very polarizing Tusk, but it’s nothing if not different. For Kevin Smith, if Red State was his grounded attempt at horror, Tusk was the most bold and direct approach to the genre. It’s inventive and daring in a number of ways: being based off a conversation from a podcast, taking long time kid friendly actors and thrusting them into high volatile and unlikable roles, and then of course some of the grossest body horror that’s ever been filmed.



2016 saw a meteoric rise for A24 and they dipped heavily into the world of horror and it’s fringe. While it’s obvious that The Witch was the most talked about and recognized of their genre films from that year, it had quite a few other standouts as well. Whether it was the mind melting dark comedy The Lobster from auteur Yorgos Lanthimos or the much anticipated The Monster from The Strangers Bryan Bertino, it was a landmark year. The film that stands out even above it’s excellent compatriots is Jeremy Saulnier’s brutal punk shocker Green Room. Intense, violent and all too poignant, Green Room is a modern day classic that is hard to watch but absolutely required viewing.



Notorious for how long it took to hit stateside, this film from Oz Perkins (son of Tony Perkins, the famous Norman Bates) was well worth the wait. A slow burn that builds tension as well as it sends chills down your spine, The Blackcoat’s Daughter is quiet and thoughtful with it’s build up, creating a sense of dread and unease that makes for a seat squirming experience. By the end of the movie, you won’t just have a knot in your stomach, you’ll have also found one of your new favorite films.


SLICE (2018)

Long time Chance the Rapper video director Austin Vesely worked alongside his rap partner once again for this charming, retro throwback about a werwolf pizza boy who must stop an evil coven of witches from following through on an evil plan. The movie feels like an EC comic come to life but with the goofball comedy of fifties era film. It’s bright, colorful and wildly goofy and again just shows the massive range that A24 produces.