New Scream Factory Titles for January; Include 10 TO MIDNIGHT, cult comedy SATURDAY THE 14TH

Per Scream Factory

The new year is off to a screaming start with the release of the gritty, dark thriller 8MM. From the writer of Se7en, it stars Academy Award-winner Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix. Also out is Obsession: Collector's Edition from the master of the macabre, Brian De Palma. This underrated thriller features a rousing score from Bernard Hermann (Psycho). It’s three times a harm for Howling III, with more snarling werewolves in this third chapter of the popular franchise. Then horror gets spoofed in the early ’80s movie Saturday The 14th, available on Blu-ray for the first time and with a spiffy new film transfer. The Hammer Films ’60s cult classic The Plague Of The Zombies is making its Blu-ray debt as well. On Tuesday, Stallone battles a weapon-wielding cult in the ’80s action/quasi-horror hybrid Cobra: Collector's Edition, sporting a new transfer plus new extras. Then action film legend Charles Bronson takes on a naked serial killer in 10 To Midnight: Collector’s Edition, a slasher-film-in-disguise favorite from The Cannon Group. It includes a new 4K film transfer and loads of extras. And finally, Peter Weller (Robocop) returns to his sci-fi roots in Screamers, the ’90s space-themed thriller.

There are even more Scream Factory releases lined up for February, March and April, so be sure to visit our New Release page often!