[Fantastic Fest '19] Reviews: Short Films of Fantastic Fest 2019

The following films were screened at this years Fantastic Fest one of the nations leading genre film festivals.


3 Days

Julie Sharbutt

A taut twelve minute thriller that uses masterful sound design to craft tension and three actresses share a witty banter that turns into a melancholic anxiousness that keep things light before a frightening stinger at the end. Actress turned writer/director Julie Sharbutt aids in acting duties but proves that she can bounce around between levity and heart-race inducing pressure cooking. Beautifully shot with a lot of promise amid the light shades of blue and James Craft has a string lead score that sounds bigger than it should.



Jorge Morrell

Kristyan Ferrer of Sin Nombre fame stars in this Mexican short about a bus trip gone awry. With a heavy focus on sound and repetitive action, Morrell does a great job at making something horrific out of the mundane. It’s a quick journey into Hell but will have you squirming in your seat with an acute attention to the chaotic echo of everyday din.


Butt Fantasia

Mohit Jaswal

Using music from Fantasia, most notably “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” this absurdist comedy bit has an old man become a maestro to six minutes of bare asses dancing around and performing non-sequitur pieces that would fit perfectly into an episode of South Park. Perfect for any fans of the Adult Swim brand of humor.


Ding Dong


Essentially the most surreal episode of Real Housewives never seen. Suki-Rose uses stark whites, minimalism and a reverb heavy score to create a highly uncomfortable situation. Entirely off-putting and fractionally disturbing, a satisfying little short with its tongue in cheek.


Wakey Wakey

Mary Dauterman

Bouncy dream logic that does some neat inventive stuff using lighting and setting. Does a lot with a little, brings a chuckle or two as the couple brings to life a moment we’ve all had with significant others. Surprise ending that never loses sight of the levity while managing to punch a little extra wallop.


Base Camp

Anthony Collamati

A woman with near crippling social anxiety has her world go topsy turvy after she finds a frozen mountain climber dead on her front lawn...smack dab in the middle of suburbia. This leads to a nighttime haunting and the short continues to amp up the weird with spoof-like incidents, a odd duck detective and a reoccuring crew of hikers who persistently appear to camp out in Elise’s backyard. Stunningly prestige television format style filming that takes righteous advantage of campfire lit nights and wide angle shots. Holds the charm of a Neil Gaiman novel with a fantastical plot to boot, with equal parts Roald Dahl and Wes Anderson popping in occasionally. Fantastic watch from start to finish and ends on a tidy uplifting note.


Bathroom Troll

Aaron Immediato

Immediato takes a stab at Carrie through a modern lens. With commentary on transphobia and gender stereotyping, Bathroom Troll takes the classic King tale and flips it on its head. Imagine if Carrie White’s mother embraced the power of Carrie instead of spurned it, throw in a little bit of occultism, then take any semblance of allusion and throw it out the window. Starts like Stephen but quickly curtails into a wild ride of Jennifer’s Body meets Evil Dead. A zany fun ride