SCARY STORIES Poster Revealed, Teases Sunday Scares

It’s been a fantastic couple of years for 90’s kids and horror. With the Goosebumps movie proving a wild success, we’ve seen the greenliight on a number of projects that strike a chord with our hearts. While Nickelodeon is working on an Are You Afraid of the Dark? film, CBS Films found one of the big guns and brought on Guillermo Del Toro to produce a live action adaptation of all our adolescent nightmare fuel come to life, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

The retelling of worldwide folklore from Alvin Schwartz was made only more horrific by the artist Stephen Gammell, and now it seems like the filmmakers are sticking to the source material. The first poster has been released for the much anticipated project, headed to theaters August 9th of this year, and this just concretes the reason for the buzz around this movie. Meet Harold, the scarecrow, who looks all too similar to his sketchy haunting appearance.


For a frame of reference, here’s the original drawing.


CBS has also teased that this Sunday (TODAY!) will be scary. Keep your eyes peeled, although maybe peeking behind shielding hands, for something spooky soon.