Shudder's SHE KILLS Is An Integral And Important New Podcast You Need To Be Listening To

With everything that has been happening in American and global society in the last few years, sometimes it’s hard to find a silver lining. Luckily, Shudder and Adrienne Barbeau have done just that with She Kills, their exclusive new podcast that sees two women having various discussions about themselves, the genre, and women in the world of entertainment and in general.

Three episodes in at the time of this writing, She Kills has already proven itself a fascinating venture into the female perspective. Sometimes it can be the bold and biting commentary of Karyn Kusama and Emily Deschanel, who refreshing and abrasively discuss the disgusting appointment of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, or the more breezy discussion of women in the genre and their place in horror, discussed by Jennifer Tilly and genre journalist Grae Drake, the show definitely does what it promised; it’s an uncensored look into horror and it’s fringe media effect from the perspectives of wildly intelligent, uninhibited women.

While the first episode is truly the one that seems to come out swinging, it doesn’t make for anything less entertaining for the following interviews. With Adrienne Barbeau serving much as her infamous radio DJ Stevie and setting up the interviews and intermittent line of conversation, what She Kills manages to do is create an interesting and eye opening dialogue between women that is consistently as entertaining as it is eye opening. It’s not afraid to tackle the heavy shit and we are beyond lucky to have something that is willing to unabashedly address these problems in society and within media, but at the same time, it’s also okay with having more light hearted discussions.

That is exactly why She Kills is fascinating. It’s never forcing itself to be anything other than exactly what it promises. Two women, hosted by an icon, discussing openly whatever directions their conversation leads them. It’s at times heartbreaking, hilarious, depressing, empowering and motivating but no matter what it is, it’s absolutely honest and deserves to be heard.