Dark Sky Films Releasing Sci-Fi Tension Ridden WHITE CHAMBER

It’s a little bit Saw meets Escape Room but in the future. Dark Sky Films is distributing White Chamber, a film that touches on current socio-political issues but with a terrifying sci-fi bend. The plot sounds enticing enough as is but the trailer really showcases the the movie grows to be about a lot more than the confines of a stark white room. Starring Shauna MacDonald of The Descent, White Chamber is absolutely a movie we need to keep our eyes on, as it looks to be reading the pulse of society in an all too realistic manner.

The United Kingdom in the near future. Civil war rages, and martial law has been declared by a military government hellbent on squashing the opposition. A woman (Scottish BAFTA nominee Shauna MacDonaldThe Descent) wakes up in a blindingly white cuboid cell, where General Zakarian (Oded Fehr) uses increasingly sophisticated and cruel methods to torture her for information - information she claims not to have. As questions of trust are placed both on captor and captive, they find themselves embroiled in an increasingly spiraling journey into the nature of authority.

Tense, shocking, and all-too relevant, WHITE CHAMBER poses the question: can there even be such a thing as certainty in these most uncertain of times?