Commonplace Curse Fantasy Comedy TRACY BUCKLES is Harry Potter Meets Apatow

One of the best things in genre affair is when two seemingly disparate genres manage to find a common ground and create something enjoyable. TRACY BUCKLES is the new Vimeo streaming show that is able to find a neat cross-section between the raunch life fueled antics of Apatow style comedy and mix in Harry Potter-esque magic stylings. Find the brief synopsis below and the series here.

The show has been described as a mash-up between Harry Potter and a Judd Apatow comedy, and it stars newcomer Ana Lake as a fierce and dynamic female lead. There’s an epic curse scene in the first episode that specifically references horror scenes directed by masters of the genre such as Sam Raimi.

In a world where spells and potions are commonplace, a young woman named Tracy Buckles is struck by a despicable curse that prevents other people from hearing her voice. She joins forces with a nameless drifter and a bumbling wizard in order to break free from the evil sorcery. With plenty of irreverent humor and a sprinkle of magic, TRACY BUCKLES tells an epic story across six fast-paced episodes. 

TRACY BUCKLES has been screened in 10 film festivals, including LA Film Festival, iTVFest and Dances with Films. During its festival run, the show won 3 awards, including Best Produced Series and Best Web Series Actress.