Dread Releasing Female Fronted Creature Feature BOOK OF MONSTERS

We have an article dropping later this week, actually, about how excited we have been with the output of Dread. It’s eclectic, it’s wild and fun, and it certainly keeps you on your toes. From genre-bender Imitation Girl to Kane Hodder doc To Hell and Back, Dread keeps proving they’re just fans of horror all around. Well we’re very excited for the new Book of Monsters. It’s a creature feature flick that had a lot of fun in it’s a creation and looks like a blood fueled blast. Watch the trailer, read the plot and then go pre-order the newest in the Dread library.

Epic Pictures and DREAD are excited to release the key art, the trailer, and the pre-order link for the monster-driven, audience chosen, horror film, BOOK OF MONSTERS, releasing on March 19, 2019! 

BOOK OF MONSTERS began life as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2017 with a unique twist - backers could to vote on six key elements of the movie including what form the monsters would take and how they killed their victims! The result is a fun horror movie with buckets of gore and creepy monsters which have been brought to life with old-school practical effects and the participation of the audience.

"The love and support we have received from the horror community to get this film made was absolutely inspiring and since it premiered at FrightFest last year, we've been incredibly lucky to see the film play at horror festivals around the world," said director, Stewart Sparke. "I've got to extend a huge thank you to all of our amazing Kickstarter backers for making the film possible in the first place and now to Dread for bringing the film to a much wider audience!"

After a successful run at genre film festivals last year, BOOK OF MONSTERS picked up 7 awards including "Best Film" and "Best Special FX" at the New York City Horror Film Festival

Synopsis: Sophie's 18th birthday becomes a bloodbath when monsters descend upon her house and start to devour the party guests. Sophie and her friends must rally together to send their party crashers back to hell.

BOOK OF MONSTERS is directed by Stewart Sparke (The Creature Below), written by Paul Butler (The Creature Below), and starring Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), Lyndsey CraineAnna Dawson, and Michaela Longden.

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