Ghastly Gaming: One Hour of Horror, Welcome to MK11

Welcome to the new segment of Ghastly Gaming, called simply Hour of Horror. Once or twice a month (hopefully), me and fellow GG gamer Mike Vlastnik will stream a random horror-related title for the masses. This could be a new release, a classic of the genre, or just something random we want to share with our fellow horror lovers, even if it’s a game that is not exactly…good. The first entry in this series couldn’t be a better title to launch with. It is time to engage in the eternal battle for the realms we all know as Mortal Kombat. The first truly next-gen iteration of the gory fighting game series has finally arrived with great anticipation from the fighting community (Mortal Kombat X was a cross-gen game, released for PS3/360/PS4 and XBONE). Whether you aren’t ready to dive in on day one or even if you have already pre-ordered your copy, come check out my video below as I play an hour or so of this gory new version of this epic and balls crazy franchise that just doesn’t quit. I will dive into a few offline single matches with the CPU and possibly take a crack at MK’s version of an Arcade mode, called Towers (don’t laugh at the numerous time it took me to kill the final boss at the end of this stream…)I will avoid playing the story mode to avoid spoilers for anyone who wants to experience the insanity that developer NetherRealm has cooked up for us. Check it out, and Test Your Might!

FYI – for some reason or another, my dialogue did NOT get picked up at all, so this has merely become a stream without commentary. I apologize for this error and will correct it going forward. Enjoy my wild hand movements and mouth jabbering with no context!