Don't Bail on QUITTER, The New Horror Short From The Boxleitner Brothers


I’ve had the pleasure to speak with Lee Boxleitner, half of the crew of a team of passionate, independent filmmakers with a love for horror. He’s truly a great guy, has a lot of heart and humility, so it was exciting when he let me know that his new short Quitter was coming out.

Hitting Youtube at the end of March, Quitter is a twelve minute short with a minimal crew and a small budget. The summary succinctly details the basic gist of things: “When Jenna's hypnotherapy goes horribly wrong, she's forced to make a terrifying decision... Give in... Or Give up...”

Jenna is played by the foul mouthed, instantly likable Sasha Boggs, who in her attempt to quit smoking employs the controversial method of hypnotherapy. Unfortunately for her, it seems that the sessions may have a deeper impact that she could have expected as she is haunted by the chilling ring of a bygone era telephone and stalked around her house by a menace in a trenchcoat and fedora.

The Boxleitner’s prove how far a little can go. Using lighting, some camera tricks, and effective make up to their advantage, they don’t need anything too flashy to pull of some truly tense and legitimately spooky moments. They show off their skill in a small amount of time and space, but making sure to use every bit of both. Not a second is wasted, we instantly like our lead, and our monster is introduced early on and gives us a number of enjoyable run-ins before a move that will help appease the gorehounds.

The Boxleitner’s are truly something special. You can not only feel the chemistry they create with their dialogue and actors, but can feel the passion oozing out of every frame, with everything from the score (created by Sam Boxleitner), to the lighthing (some amazing red and greens courtesy of Tyson Birman) and a simple yet impactful makeup job (keeping it in house with Emily Boxleitner), Quitter is just further proof that the Boxleitner’s arent just out here doing it, they’re doing it in style.