Ghastly Gaming Hour of Horror: Crypt of the NecroDancer

necrodancer gameplay.jpg

The first edition of Ghastly Gaming’s Hour of Horror was fun one to record and a complete disaster at the same time. While I did have a blast playing an hour of the new iteration of the gory fighting franchise, Mortal Kombat 11, it didn’t go off as planned. Due to my general inept manner of preparing, my stream of MK11 from the PS4 only included the audio from the game and didn’t record anything that was emitted by me. This, of course, was all due to one option on my PS4 not being activated, you know, the option to allow microphone audio. I have no idea how that got muted. Anyways, because of that snafu, you got an hour of crushing blows, gory squishy fatality sounds, and me flapping my gums and making grand gestures with no sound coming out. Now with the issue resolved, we can get to more pressing matters, like the next episode of Hour of Horror. I decided for my sophomore stream to play something that was in a completely different vein from the high budget and vividly detailed MK 11. I ended up landing on 2015’s Crypt of the NecroDancer, from Canadian developer Brace Yourself Games. Initially released on the PC, but is now available on the Switch, XB1 and PS4, COTN is a quirky rhythm dungeon crawler with beautiful NES-like graphics that ended up presenting quite the challenge to me. Watch as I attempt to play as much as I can within an hour of this purely fun mashup of Diablo and Rock Band. Just don’t laugh at my inability to stay alive more than a few minutes at a time.