Fangoria Expands Podcast Library With NIGHTMARE UNIVERSITY

Fangoria has exploded back onto the scene in a big way. Not only have they reintroduced the world to their beautiful magazine, but they’ve also already dived into other areas of entertainment media, ranging from novels to vinyl to film, and now they’re adding another piece into their podcasting roster.

Rebekah McKendry is known across the horror realm as one of the hardest working women in the industry. She’s cut her teeth in every facet of the genre, from journalism to writing and directing and yes, she is a professor of horror.

Thus, it’s no surprise that Fangoria is excited to announced Nightmare University, a new podcast that takes an academic look at different branches of the already wide and always growing horror opus. Along the way, our guide Rebekah McKendry will deftly takes us with her on a deep dive through that weeks subject. While educating us, McKendry will also be using her gift of conversational gab to make it fun, too.

As a companion piece to Nightmare University, mini episodes will be released bi-weekly, where the good doctor will give us fun anecdotes from her storied and tenured career. The first few episodes are available now and it’s already a must hear horror podcast for any and all genre fans.


We have a new show on the FANGORIA Podcast Network: NIGHTMARE UNIVERSITY with Dr. Rebekah McKendry. In each episode, Rebekah does a deep dive on horror sub-genre that perfectly blends her academic expertise with her conversational rapport with horror fans as a podcast host. 

Rebekah is truly a genre expert and has 15 years of experience working for FANGORIA in marketing, events, the magazine, the radio - you name it. In addition to a new episode of NIGHTMARE UNIVERSITY every other week, FANGORIA Podcast Network is releasing mini-episodes on the off-weeks in which McKendry tells insider stories about her tenure with the iconic horror company. 

NIGHTMARE UNIVERSITY is available wherever you get your podcasts. This is pure horror education.