Flanagan Is King: The DOCTOR SLEEP Trailer Revealed

Mike Flanagan has been quietly becoming one of the most interesting and established directors in the horror genre for years. Supernatural mastery in Oculus, slasher reinvention Hush, and the oft-cited “unadaptable” Gerald’s Game. He struck into the mainstream with smash hit from Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House. Now, he’s looking to deservedly break out in a big way with Doctor Sleep.

The eponymous novel was released in 2013 and is a sequel to one of the most celebrated works of horror, ever, The Shining. Doctor Sleep picks up with Danny Torrance as an adult now, still suffering from the trauma induced by The Overlook Hotel, and using alcohol as his crutch. While still being haunted by the ghosts of the hotel, Danny (now Dan), finds another with “the shine,” a young girl named Abra. He finds himself thrown into a world of danger when a woman named Rose the Hat comes after Abra.

The trailer of the film has dropped today. Starring Ewan Mcgregor as Dan Torrance, the trailer hits on a lot of Flanagan notes while also playing a ton of homage to the original The Shining. Check out the trailer below and JOIN US ON THE HYPE TRAIN. Headed to theaters November 8th, 2019.