Mondo's TWIN PEAKS: LIMITED EVENT SERIES Vinyl Is Almost Too Beautiful to Play...Almost

As someone who worked in an independent record store from 2007 to 2015, I witnessed the revival of vinyl. It went from being something that only baby boomer audiophiles and twenty-something hipsters consumed, to a medium that became affordable and accessible to all music fans again. I watched as Record Store Day was created to celebrate this. Current artists released their albums on vinyl for the first time and old out of print albums became available again. Now, vinyl is so accessible that you don’t have to wait for one day out of the year in hopes that the music you want will be pressed into wax. Releases like the one I am about to discuss are no longer limited-edition, rare releases, but available to all fans.

Twin Peaks was a cult television show created by filmmaker and musician David Lynch in the 1990s. With only two seasons and one film, fans were left wanting more and in 2017 they were given a limited series.

Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack is the third Twin Peaks LP, following Twin Peaks Season One and Fire Walk With Me.

It is easy to pinpoint one of the greatest advantages of vinyl over other music mediums and that is a bigger canvas for design. The design of this record follows the previous two releases, creating a series of art perfect for any collector. Film, music, and design go hand in hand and this record is a great example of that.


The first impression when looking at the record is the die-cut slipcover with Spot UV varnish that depicts the title on a smooth finish. Behind the geometric peak pattern, you can spot a photograph underneath. When you pull the album out of the slipcover you can see the photograph fully (it depicts an important moment in the show). It opens to a wooded photograph with the sun creating a central point of focus on the fold with detailed credits for the double album. The back of the album is dark with a blown out photo of bare winter trees illuminated in red, giving a conclusion to the moody artwork.


The records themselves are particularly gorgeous, in fact I almost don’t want to play them. The first record is a grey marble they call “Machine Room Grey” with the second being a burgundy marble which is you called “Cherry Pie Splatter”.

Every part of the design of this release is well thought out and accompanies not only the music but the show so beautifully. The entire design experience mimics one would have with the show itself. It is layered, dark and moody with a literal sliver of light at the center. Spencer Hickman acted as Art Director and Mo Shafeek designed the layout.

The music itself is a collection of both the score and songs that appear in the limited series. Much of the score is new and reused compositions by Angelo Badalamenti with music and sound design from Dean Hurley and David Lynch. The second LP features songs from the show, including performances at the Roadhouse, these tracks include Nine Inch Nails, Sharon Van Etten, Chromatics, and Eddie Vedder.

All four sides of this double LP are musically haunting. They are emotional and all-encompassing and the score makes for a spectacular stand-alone ambient album. Lynch is an incredible artist and he is at his best in projects like this when it is clear it is a piece of a larger vision. The score is intentional and seamless with the show because they both come from Lynch. From start to finish the score and soundtrack are evocative and absolutely bewitching.

Here is a tip; put on the album, grab your go-to beverage, and close your eyes to transport yourself to the photograph in the centerfold of the album art. Pretend you are lying there between the trees, sun blazing down with just you and the music. Thank me later for a two and half hour journey into the world of Twin Peaks, no tv necessary.

You can order Twin Peaks: Limited Event Series Soundtrack now from Mondo.