Crypt TV Bringing Monsters Straight To Your Pocket With New Partnership

Let’s just face it: the way we consume media has changed forever with the advent of the smart phone. I remember watching Mickey Keating’s brutal Carnage Park on my three-inch iPhone screen, and while I wouldn’t recommend watching that movie that way, it’s marvelous that we can. With this comes new obstacles for content creators which is, “How do we capture the cinematic experience, being sucked into a film, when it’s being projected on a screen smaller than your wallet?”

Crypt TV, a digital network founded by CEO Jack Davis and director Eli Roth, financed through Blumhouse, have been creating snack sized horror films for the Instagram and Snapchat crowd over the last two years. Releasing roughly 100 videos every three months since April 2015, they’ve amassed over 2.5 million fans on Facebook averaging 30 million views a month.

But now Crypt TV will be partnering with OBB Pictures to combine their business acumen and relationships with Crypt TV’s large library of original horror properties. “Their vast library of content and monster IP coupled with their built-in loyal audience makes them the perfect partners for us as we enter the world of scary.” Michael Ratner, CEO of OBB Pictures said.

The first show already in the pipeline is a long form series based on the Crypt TV original Thing in the Apartment, a fun tense thriller that the title describes perfectly. With Crypt already producing 15 videos a quarter based around their “Crypt Monsters”, a stable of the sites most popular creations, we can expect fan favorites like The Birch and Giggles The Clown to be mined for film and television potential in the future.

On the backs of the success of films like Lights Out and Mama, the latter of which was adapted from a three minute short film by Andy Muschietti, the director of the summer blockbuster IT, this is clearly a smart move both financially and creatively. With the current rise in popularity of internet based CreepyPasta, with it’s extreme accessibility coupled with some legitimately terrifying and twisted tales, young people are discovering and devouring new ways to get scares themselves in the dark. And for Crypt TV, they clearly have it figured out.

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