THE DARK UNIVERSE is optimistic about the future of the franchise

Earlier this year, Hollywood scribe Alex Kurtzman took his sophomore stab at directing with Universal's second reboot of The Mummy. In spite of starring Hollywood box office draw Tom Cruise, the film managed to barely break even globally against a reported budget of nearly 200 million. However, against all odds, Universal doubled down and not only announced that the DARK UNIVERSE would be a multi-spanning cinematic universe, but also had a (photoshopped) picture of reported stars attached to projects, including the likes of megastar Johnny Depp and acting powerhouse Javier Bardem, as the Invisible Man and Frankenstein's Monster.

Just a few weeks after that, Angelina Jolie would be rumored for The Bride of Frankenstein reboot coming from Bill Condone, who was hot off the heels of summer blockbuster The Beauty and The Beast. Then word leaked that Universal had pulled the plug on pre-production in London. Now, a report from The Hollywood Reporter, has revealed that two of the main architects of the purported universe have also left the project. 

All hopes are not lost though. Universal is determined to explore it's options rather than having the legacy of the monsters lay dead in the water. A few avenues are being explored, including shopping the movies to "high-profile filmmakers or producers" and horror wunderkind Jason Blum is included on that list. Blumhouse would make sense considering Universal's partnership with the studio has resulted in two of the their sleeper smash hits of 2017 with Split and Get Out. 

Peter Cramer, Universal president of production, has come out and said that they are "not rushing to meet a release date and will move forward with these films when we feel they are the best versions of themselves." I'll keep my fingers crossed that they continue with this determination and we see some artistic versions of the classic films sooner rather than later.