Ithaca Fantastik is quickly become one of the most electric fests in horror

As genre fans, we luckily live in a world where we can always find something going on that has to do with horror. Special television events, board game nights, and especially conventions and film festivals. Ithaca Fantastik is one such festival that just wrapped up it's sixth year and is continually making a name for itself and cementing it's place as a "must attend" for genre fans.

While also an art and music fest, Ithaca Fantastik does a wonderful job at gathering pieces from all over the world to be viewed and enjoyed by fans. They proudly boast the goal of searching out the "most exciting and intriguing, mind-bending, beautiful, and flatout weird films from domestic and international filmmakers to our fans. We look for challenging new voices, inspiring visuals, thought-provoking subject matter, and—of course—films that are just fun as hell."

Originally just a three day film fest, Ithaca has found a wonderful audience that has allowed it to grow and add on fun and exciting content such as art exhibits, Q&A's and film parties with a focus on talking about the movies.

Kicking off with the critically acclaimed future classic Tragedy Girls and rounding things off with the mindbending Korean drama A-Day, the festival itself was filled with a ton of excellent content to help accentuate the bookends. Different curations occur, everything from "Midnighters" to "International" and this year they were even joined by horror streaming juggernaut SHUDDER with a screening of Mon Mon Monster and new restorations of Deathline and Death Dream from Bill Lustig's Blue Underground. (Both services are big favorites over here at Ghastly Grinning.)

I mean, they even had a trivia night hosted by horror auteur Graham Skipper, one of the most exciting voices in the genre right now. The jury for the film festival itself was made up of artist Gilles Vranckx and locals Bob Proehl, author and arts & culture columnist, and genre film aficionado Woody Chichester. Awards were given as follows:

Best Film: PIN CUSHION, dir. Deborah Haywood

Best Screenplay: THE ENDLESS, dirs. Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead

Best Achievement in Directing: Adolfo J. Kolmerer and William James, SNOWFLAKE

Best Short: MIRIAM IS GOING TO MARS, dir. Michael Lippert  

Cinema Pur Audience Award: TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID, Issa López

International Competition Audience Award: SNOWFLAKE, dirs. Adolfo J. Kolmerer and William James

All of these films should be on your radar but first and foremost, put Ithaca Fantastik at the top of your lists of new destinations to make yourself a guest at. We sure as hell are.