IT screenwriter working on ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK film adaptation

Not everyone grew up watching late night Nickelodeon, colloquially referred to as SNICK (Saturday Night Nick) but those who did were lucky enough to grow up watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?, a Canadian horror anthology show for kids and teens. Simply put, it was fantastic. Fun fact: this website is named after one of the episode's antagonists.  

A group of kids would meet up around a campfire every weekend, dubbing themselves The Midnight Society, and tell each other scary stories. Depending on who was telling the story, different themes and genres were played with. Anything from sci-fi alien tales to brightly colored pop culture addled horror was present and the stories were often not only inventive and fun but riffs of actual folklore or ghost stories. 

Variety is reporting that Paramount Players, a new film line from Paramount Pictures, has greenlit an Are You Afraid of the Dark film from the scribe of the smash horror hit IT, Gary Dauberman and Hollywood producer Matt Kaplan.  

The show was originally created by D.J. McHale and Ned Kandel and ran for six seasons before getting a sequel season in 1999 and one made-for-tv movie. Paramount recently acquired access to all of the Viacom properties and the Nickelodeon stable is included in that.

Dauberman seems like a perfect fit to help bring the property back to life, wonderfully helping create a kid-centric world of terror in IT. As a personal huge fan of not just the new IT film but the original Are You Afraid of the Dark series, this writer couldn't be more excited. Also, fingers crossed on an appearance from the Ghastly Grinner.